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Common queries about CCNA

1) CCNA Stands for

Cisco Certified Network Associate

2) What is CCNA?

CCNA is the cisco based associate (basic) level networking certification

3) What is CISCO?

CISCO is the world’s leading IT networking company which is known as active network devices manufacturers, CISCO mainly offers Router, Switches, Firewalls, Wireless Access points & Wireless Lan controllers, for more detail do Search CISCO Products on Google.

4) Why CCNA is Hot Cake?

CCNA is the world leading vendor based certification because it not only covers CISCO proprietary Features & protocols but also provides detail knowledge about non-CISCO features & protocols.

5) What does CISCO Proprietary?

CISCO proprietary features & protocols only compatible with CISCO devices.

6) Any Example of CISCO Proprietary protocols

CDP, EIGRP, HSRP, PAGP, ISL etc. are mainly known as CISCO Proprietary features.

7) What we Learn in CCNA

In CCNA as name described is the (associate level networking based cisco certification) in which you mainly learn about

  • Fundamental of networks
  • Network Topologies
  • IPV4 & IPV6
  • OSI & TCP/IP Model
  • Routing & Routing protocols
  • Switching and Switching protocols
  • Basics of network security
  • Network utilities (ipconfig, ping, traceroute, arp)
  • Wireless LAN
  • ACL | NAT | Network design | Network Trouble Shooting

8) Does Only CCNA Enough for IT Career?

CCNA basically as a first step in IT career is Good choice but only CCNA is not enough to secure a Good job in IT market.

9) What is the Job Market for CCNA?

Only CCNA based good conceptual hands on skills may help you to secure an entry level networking job in USA, UK, CANADA, Australia or in Europe market but in Pakistan, India and Gulf especially in UAE market require more than that. If you only have the CCNA, you probably shouldn’t expect as high of a salary as you otherwise would get, if you were able to demonstrate more expertise or experience on your resume.

10) Is getting a CCNA Certification worth the time and money for professionals?

The short answer would be “YES”. The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), delivered by Cisco can be a stepping stone for your networking career whether you are a beginner or a professional.

11) If CCNA is not enough for Job than why do we do?

Every journey starts with the first step and a “good beginning half done “you may observe Router, Switches, Firewalls etc. in the market of different companies like Huawei, Juniper, Ruckus and D-link, and CCNA certification knowledge and skills not only prepare you to work on CISCO products but also provides in depth knowledge of different protocols and features which gives you the confidence to work on non- cisco devices as well. That’s the reason CCNA is the most demanding certification in the world and Cisco Certified engineers can easily work on multi-vendor products.

12) Will CCNA help us to lean other Technologies?

Yes, every IT technology career like networking, system administration, network security, cyber security, network design & Trouble shoot, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Software Define Networks etc is based on some foundations which are equally required for all IT careers and CCNA comprehensively covers all those concepts. We can say that CCNA is the first step for every type of IT certification career

12) What is best for you?

CCNA is the bunch of knowledge which consists of topics like Routing, Switching, Security, Designing, Trouble shooting, basics of Virtualization, wireless LAN which definitely helps you to understand the technologies with their needs, and you may define your career path as per your interest.

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