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Network Configuration Examples

One of the most essential aspects of network certification studies is router and switch configuration techniques. You should practice on various network equipment and network setup examples to get hands-on expertise with different network devices. You can discover an a lot of network configuration examples on this page for many network vendors, including Cisco, Nokia, Huawei, Juniper, etc.

You may use a variety of network simulation/emulation software for network practice activities. These simulation/emulation software packages include:

Examples of Cisco configurations for Packet Tracer

One of the most popular network simulation tools used by network engineers is Cisco Packet Tracer. Cisco Packet Tracer is the best and is the most straightforward, especially at the beginning of a Cisco certification period. You can download each of the several Cisco Packet Tracer Labs that are available on this website. You may experiment with different network topologies and network protocol setups with these labs. These labs are available for practise, or you may use these configurations to build your own packet tracer lab. Packet Tracer is available for download on the Netacad Academy page.

This learning mode matches the real-time classroom, but it is cost-effective and timesaving. The content of the courses builds around the latest technologies which are in demand. The training also includes hands-on labs to demonstrate the application of technologies in real-life scenarios.