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A+ Training in Pakistan

95% positive reviews

An great course for young students looking to begin a career in the field of network security and computer networking with a globally renowned A+ certification.

The industry benchmark for beginning an IT profession is CompTIA A+.

About A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ certification is designed to make sure you are familiar with the fundamentals of interacting with hardware, networks, and computer systems in order to help you get an entry-level position in IT. CompTIA A+ certified professionals support the fundamental technologies of the day, including virtualization, networking, and security.
Exam Name CompTIA A+
Exam Code 220-1101 & 220-1102
Exam Duration 90 Minutes
Exam Fee approx $226 USD
No of Exam Questions approx 90
Questions Type Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Drag & Drop
Where to attempt Pearson VUE test center

A+ Training Roadmap

A+ at Ezxprt

At Ezxprt we offer different modes of trainings which is designed for every individual. The various factors generally considered —nature of Job, cost, time available, depth of knowledge etc. 

Modes of Trainings

. 01
Online Class Training
Online Class Training
Students can be a part of a virtual classroom consists of many other students from around the globe.
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. 02
One-to-One Training
One-to-One Training
Students learn faster due to direct interaction of student with the trainer. They mutually set the schedule of the class.
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A+ Main Content

Module 1: Hardware Fundamentals

  •  Personal Computer Components
  • Storage Devices
  • Mobile Digital Devices
  • Connection Interfaces

Module 2: Operating System Fundamentals

  • PC and Mobile Operating Systems
  • PC Operating System Tools and Utilities

Module 3: Networking and Security Fundamentals

  • Network Types
  • Network Components
  • Common Network Services
  • Cloud Concepts
  • Security Fundamentals

Module 4: Safety and Operational Procedures

  • Basic Maintenance Tools and Techniques
  • Personal and Electrical Safety
  • Environmental Safety and Materials Handling
  • Professionalism and Communication
  • Organizational Policies and Procedures
  • Troubleshooting Theory

Module 5: Supporting Display Devices

  • Install Display Devices
  • Configure Display Devices
  • Troubleshoot Video and Display Devices

Module 6: Installing and Configuring Peripheral

  • Install and Configure Input Devices
  • Install and Configure Output Devices
  • Install and Configure Input/Output Devices
  • Install and Configure Expansion Cards

Module 7: Managing System Components

  • Identify Motherboard Components and
  • Install and Configure CPUs and Cooling
  • Install Power Supplies
  • Troubleshoot System Components

Module 8: Managing Data Storage

  • Identify RAM Types and Features
  • Troubleshoot RAM Issues
  • Install and Configure Storage Devices
  • Configure the System Firmware
  • Troubleshoot Hard Drives and RAID Arrays

Module 9: Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows

  • Implement Client-Side Virtualization
  • Install Microsoft Windows
  • Use Microsoft Windows
  • Configure Microsoft Windows
  • Upgrade Microsoft Windows

Module 10: Optimizing and Maintaining Microsoft Windows

  • Optimize Microsoft Windows
  • Back Up and Restore System Data
  • Perform Disk Maintenance 
  • Update Software 

Module 11: Working With Other Operating Systems

  • The OS X Operating System 
  • The Linux Operating System 

Module 12: Customized Client Environments

  • Types of Common Business Clients
  • Custom Client Environments 

Module 13: Networking Technologies

  • TCP/IP Properties and Characteristics
  • Internet Connections
  • Ports and Protocols
  • Networking Tools

Module 14: Installing and Configuring Networking Capabilities

  • Configure Basic Windows Networking
  • Configure Network Perimeters
  • Using Windows Networking Features
  • Install and Configure SOHO Networks

Module 15: Supporting Mobile Digital Devices

  • Install and Configure Exterior Laptop
  • Install and Configure Interior Laptop
  • Other Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Device Accessories and Ports
  • Mobile Device Connectivity
  • Mobile Device Synchronization
  • Troubleshoot Mobile Device Hardware 

Module 16: Supporting Printers and Multifunction Devices

  • Printer and Multifunction Technologies
  • Install and Configure Printers
  • Maintain Printers
  • Troubleshoot Printers 

Module 17: Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Controls

  • Common Security Threats and
  • General Security Controls 
  • Mobile Security Controls
  • Data Destruction and Disposal Methods 

Module 18: Implementing Security Controls

  • Secure Operating Systems
  • Secure Workstations 
  • Secure SOHO Networks 
  • Secure Mobile Devices

A+ Payment Plans

At Ezxprt we offer different Payment Plan to suit your budget and learning needs. 

Basic Plan

Online Class Training
$ 100 usd
Live Training on Microsoft Teams
CCNA Training Slides
CCNA Lab Manual
CCNA Reference Videos
CCNA Netacad Program
3 CISCO NetAcad Certificates
CCNA Exam Discount Voucher (58%)
CCNA Exam Dumps

Economy Plan

Self Paced Recorded Training
100 $ 50 usd
1 Month Discount
Pre Recorded Videos
CCNA Lab Manual
CCNA Training Slides
CCNA Reference Videos
CCNA Netacad Program
3 CISCO NetAcad Certificates
CCNA Exam Discount Voucher (58%)
Live Support through Online Session | WhatsApp | Call | Email

Economy Plan

CCNA Study Material
30 $ 10 usd
1 Month Discount
Pre Recorded Videos
CCNA Lab Manual
CCNA Training Slides
CCNA Reference Videos
CCNA Netacad Program
3 CISCO NetAcad Certificates
CCNA Exam Discount Voucher (58%)
Live Support through Online Session | WhatsApp | Call | Email

Ultimate Plan

CCNA One-o-One Training
1000 $ 600 usd
1 Month Discount
Live Training on Microsoft Teams
CCNA Lab Manual
CCNA Training Slides
CCNA Reference Videos
CCNA Netacad Program
3 CISCO NetAcad Certificates
CCNA Exam Discount Voucher (58%)
Career Counseling
Interview Prep Support

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    August 13, 2021

    Sir I watched all video related OSI, the way you explained from start till end and capsulation and decapsulation is an absolute GEM. Truly appreciate your services.

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    August 13, 2021

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    November 3, 2020

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