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What is EVE-NG & How to install it?

E VE-NG is another emulator software that supports Juniper, Huawei, Aruba, and many more, along with CISCO. A vast range of product support like Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Controller, IPS, IDS, and many more is available in EVE-NG

There are 2 Editions of EVE-NG

Community Edition

is free and best to start working, we can easily perform CCNA, CCNP, and most of the CCIE labs on it.

Professional Edition

is the paid version and offers more benefits, support, and features.

The requirement to build a CISCO Lab on EVE

  • Free EVE Community Edition
  • VMware Workstation Player
  • Windows Client Side
  • Resource Calculator
  • ISO Images of Cisco Routers and Switches
  • WinSCP software (to upload iso images into the virtual machine)

Let’s start with the installation and configuration steps of EVE-NG

Step 1 Visit www.eve-ng.net and click on the Download Now option.

Step 2 Click on Free EVE Community Edition

Step 3 Click on EVE-NG OVF-MEGA mirror or EVE-NG OVG -Google mirror

OVF is a ready-to-work machine no configuration is required just add in a hypervisor and start working.

Step 4 Install VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation is required as a hypervisor to run EVE-NG OVF which we download in the previous step So at the bottom VMware Workstation Download Link is available to click on it
  • Before installing VMware workstation make sure your laptop or PC support VT (Virtual Technology) option and VT option is enabled in BIOS Setting.
  • VMware Workstation or VMware Workstation Player both works fine so if you already have VMware Workstation on your Laptop than ignore this step
  • Only 1 hypervisor works fine at 1 time so if you already have Hyper-V installed on your machine than remove it first than install VMware workstation or VMware workstation Player. Otherwise, it struck your machine.

Step 5 Download & Install Windows Client Side

Step 6 Resource Calculator

EVE-NG we will use on our laptop or PC to perform different networking labs in which multiple routers, switches, and firewalls of different vendors may be involved, but we need a tool to get an idea about the required system resources like RAM, process, and process cores, etc so this Excel Sheet calculator is the best tool for resource estimation before designing a lab on EVE-NG.

All in one bundle for you.

Here is the link of my drive which consist of all required software, tools and iso images

For complete deployment, the procedure must watch my video, which covers all steps from scratch to completion.

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    October 6, 2022

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