We offers Professional IT Networking, Administration, Virtualization , Cloud and Security Certification Trainings of Different vendors like CISCO, Microsoft, Huawei, CompTIA, Amazon, VMware, Palo alto, Mikrotik, Ruckus etc.

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One-on-One Training

From the start, our personal trainers — your coaches — lay the groundwork for your achievement. Certified trainers conduct each 1-on-1 session, which is booked in advance and on a regular basis. With one-on-one training sessions, students learn faster due to student-driven training and direct interaction with the trainer. The Student and the trainer set the schedule and length of the class with mutual agreement.

To get a clear picture, we offer demo session for free. Unlike training offered by others, we add some exclusive features in our one-on-one training mode where students get guidance to choose the pathways to their future career and facilitated by personal grooming to adjust in their practical life.

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Group Training

Through online group training, students can be a part of a virtual classroom consists of many other students from around the globe. In this way, students get the opportunity to interact with other students as well and expand their learning abilities.

This learning mode matches the real-time classroom, but it is cost-effective and timesaving. The content of the courses builds around the latest technologies which are in demand. The training also includes hands-on labs to demonstrate the application of technologies in real-life scenarios.

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Self-Paced Training

With Self-paced training mode, students can manage their studies, work, and other aspects of their life simultaneously. This training mode helps students to avoid the stress of long hours of studies at once. On the contrary, they can set a timeframe by themselves to achieve the goals efficiently.

All they need is access to the internet. We prepare self-explanatory videos aligned with the aims of the courses. Once the students sign up, they will be able to get admittance to the wide range of video tutorials.

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