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CISCO Packet Tracer

A powerful and unique network simulation tool for practicing, researching, and strengthening troubleshooting abilities. Cisco introduced Packet Tracer to design virtual lab to practice networking, IoT, and cybersecurity – no hardware required!


About CISCO Packet Tracer

CISCO Packet Tracer is the CISCO simulator software which is CISCO proprietary and the best tool to learn working on CISCO Devices it supports only CISCO devices. It offers different series of CISCO Routers & Switches. The best tool to start learning but Limited features, commands and protocol support available in CISCO Packet tracer software. It offers 2 modes real-time and Simulation.

We use this mode to work on the CLI mode of devices

We use this mode to understand different protocols, services, and features in-depth through simulation.


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    CISCO Packet Tracer Main Content

    • Introduction to Packet Tracer
    • The User Interface
    • Simulation Mode
    • Physical View
    • IOT Components
    • Creating & Controlling a small home network