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VMware Workstation

In order to run various operating systems on a single physical host machine, you can install VMware Workstation. Every virtual machine has the ability to run a single instance of any operating system concurrently.


About VMware Workstation

Organizations may deploy many operating systems and applications on a single server with the help of VMware Workstation.  As a result, it promotes better resource management.  Due to its ability to safely run a second operating system as a virtual machine (VM) on a single computer, the workstation is a successful and suitable option for local desktop virtualization. Checking, testing, and verifying the client-server environment is made easier for network or system administrators. VMware Workstation includes restrictions such as hardware support, operating system difficulties, and network protocol challenges. A virtual machine’s current state (sometimes referred to as a snapshot) can always be saved by the software. If harm was done to the virtual machine after it was saved, it is possible to restore it to its original condition at any time.


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    VMware Workstation Main Content

    • Install VM in VMware Workstation
    • VMware Tools
    • Virtual Machine Snapshot
    • VM connection with GNS
    • Virtual Machine Customize Setting
    • VM Networking Settings
    • Benefits of Virtualization
    • VMware 15.5 Installation and up gradation