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Download CICO Packet Tracer

  • How to download Lab Software?

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Lecture 1

Basic of Networking

  • What is Network?
  • Troubleshoot in Network
  • Why we build Network?
  • Benefits and drawback of Networks

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Lecture 2

Identification of network devices

  • End user devices
  • Network devices
  • Active & Passive devices
  • Intelligent & Non-intelligent devices Manageable & Non-manageable Devices

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Lecture 3

Network devices and Symbols

  • Symbols of Devices

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Lecture 4

Network Devices Symbols (Packet Tracer)

  • Identify symbols of devices using packet tracer

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Lecture 5

Hardware Devices Overview

  • Learn about different network devices physically

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Lecture 6

Guided Medium

  • Define Network Medium and its properties
  • Define Medium Selection Criteria
  • Guided Medium
  • Unguided Medium

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Lecture 7

Straight Cross and loopback cable

  • Lan cable Standards
  • Types of Lan Cables
  • Loopback Cable

Watch Video (Straight-Cross cable)

Watch Video (Loopback cable)

Lecture 8

Measuring Unit & its usage

  • What is bit?
  • What is Byte?
  • How to measure Speed?
  • How to measure Storage?

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Lecture 9

Number System

  • Binary
  • Decimal
  • Hexadecimal
  • Number Conversion Lab

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Lecture 10

Size of Network

  • Define Lan with properties
  • Define Wan with Properties

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Lecture 11

Network Topologies

  • Define Topology 
  • Selection Criteria of Topology
  • LAN Topologies
  • WAN Topologies
  • Wireless Lan Topologies

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Lecture 12

Network Problems

  • Collision
  • Broadcast
  • Loop

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Watch Video (Loop)

Lecture 13

IEEE Standards

  • Common Standard Numbers, Name & their functions

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Lecture 14

OSI Reference Model

  • Role of OSI Ref Model

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Lecture 15

TCP/IP Model

  • Role of TCP/IP Model

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Lecture 16

Communication and its modes

  • Communication
  • Mode of Communication

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Lecture 17

Types of Communication

  • Types of Communication

o Unicast

o Multicast

o Broadcast

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Lecture 18

IPv4 & IPv6

  • Role of Addresses
  • MAC Address
  • Ipv4 Theory
  • Ipv4 Lab
  •  How ARP Works
  • Comparison Ipv4 & Ipv6
  • How to Compress Ipv6 Address
  • What is Dual Stack
  • IPv6 Lab

Watch Video (IPv4)

Download Slides(IPv4)

Download Lab (IPv4)

Watch Video (IPv6)

Download Slides (iPv6)

Download Lab (IPv6)

Lecture 19

Network devices & Their Properties

  • What is HUB?
  • What is Bridge?
  • What is L2 Switch?
  • What is L3 Switch?
  • Different series of CISCO Switches
  • What is Router?
  • Modular & Non-Modular Router
  • Different series of CISCO Router
  • Hub Vs Switch

Part 1 HUB

Part 2 Bridge

Part 3 L2 Switch

Part 4 L3 Switch

Part 5 Different series of CISCO Switches

Part 6 What is Router

Part 7 Modular & Non-Modular Router

Part 8 Different series of CISCO Router

Part 9 Simulation Hub VS Switch

Lecture 20

Router Console Connectivity

  • Router Console Connectivity on Packet Tracer

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Lecture 21

Switch Console Connectivity

  • Switch console connectivity

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Lecture 22

Design topology

  • Lab#1
  • Loopback Interface

Watch Video (Lab 1 Design Topology)

Watch Video (Loopback Interface)

Lecture 23

Router Boot Sequence & Router Memories

  • Router Boot Sequence
  • Router Memories 

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Lecture 24

Router and switch Modes

  • Router Modes
  • Switch Modes

Watch Video (Router Modes)

Watch Video (Switch Modes)

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Lecture 25

Basic Router and switch Management

  • Set clock
  • Set Hostname
  • Set Banner MOTD
  • How to save configuration
  • How to Reset Switch

Watch Video (Router Switch Management)

Watch Video (Reset Switch)

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Lecture 26

Router and switch Show Commands

  • Show version
  • Show clock
  • Show running-config
  • Show startup-config
  • Show flash
  • Show ip interface brief
  • Show interfaces
  • Show interface f0/1 
  • Show interface f0/1 status
  • Show ip route
  • Show mac-address-table
  • Show vlan
  • Show vlan brief
  •  Show interface f0/1 switchport
  • Show interface trunk
  •  Show spanning-tree

Watch Video (Router Show commands)

Watch Video (Switch Show Commands)

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Lecture 27

Topology Configuration

  • Assign IP address as per topology

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Download Lab

Download Configuration

Lecture 28 (Bonus) 

Router configuration using putty

  • Hands-on Lab on Router

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Lecture 29

Router & Switch Security

  • Remote Access theory
  • Telnet, Privilege & Console Security on Switch & Router

Watch Video (Remote access theory)

Watch Video (Remote access Lab)

Download Lab

Download Configuration

Lecture 30

SSH on Router and switch

  • SSH on Router  
  • SSH on Switch

Watch Video (SSH on Switch)

Watch Video (SSH on Router)

Download Lab

Download Configuration

Lecture 31

Routing and their terminologies

  • what is routing
  • Administrative Distance Metric
  • Distance vector and Link State Routing

Watch Video (what is routing)

Watch Video (Administrative Distance Metric)

Watch Video (Distance vector and Link State Routing)

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Lecture 32

Routing , Routing Protocols & Subnetting

  • Static Route
  • Default Route
  • RIP
  • OSPF
  • Redistribution
  • Subnetting

Watch Video (Static Route)

Static Route Lab

Watch Video (Default Route)

Default Route Lab

Watch Video  (RIP | EIGRP | OSPF & Redistribution)

Static | Default | OSPF Slides & Configuration

Complete Subnetting Video

Lecture 33

How Switch Works

  • How Switch Works

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Download Lab

Lecture 34

Switch Recommended Setting

Switch Recommended Setting

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Download Lab

Lecture 35

Switching Content and Topology Design

  • Switching Topology Design
  • Switching Intoduction

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Lecture 36


  • what is vlan theory
  • VLAN Configuration-LAB
  • Vlan impact on Layer 2 Broadcast

Watch Video (Vlan Theory)

Watch Video (vlan configuration)

Vlan Lab

Vlan Configuration

Watch Video (Vlan impact on Layer 2 Broadcast)

Download Lab

Download Configuration

VLAN Slides

Lecture 37


  • How Access Port Works
  • How trunk port works
  • Trunk possibilities
  • DTP (Dynamic Trunking Protocol)
  • Trunk Encapsulation

Watch video (How Access Port Works)

Download Configuration

Download Lab

Watch Video (How truck port works)

Watch Video (Trunk possibilities)

Watch Video (DTP)

Watch Video (Trunk Encapsulation)

Step by Step Configuration Vlan and Trunk

Lecture 38


  • CDP

Watch Video

Download Slides

Lecture 39


  • vtp theory
  • vtp lab

Watch Video (vtp theory)

Watch Video (VTP Lab)

VTP Slides

Lecture 40


  • Using Router on Stick
  • Using SVI

Watch Video (Using Router on Stick)

Router on a Stick Lab

Watch Video (Using SVI)


Intervlan Slides

Lecture 41

 Spanning Tree Protocol

  • Loop Scenarios Explanation
  • STP Port roles, States, Cost,id,Priority
  • How STP works - Root bridge election
  • PVST-Scenario-Theory

Watch Video (loop scenarios explanation)

Watch Video (STP Port roles)

Watch Video (How STP works)

Watch Video (PVST-Scenario-Theory)

Watch Video (PVST Lab)


STP Slides

Lecture 42


  • Layer 2 Etherchannel
  • Layer 3 Etherchannel

Watch Video (Etherchannel- Detail)

Watch video (Layer 2 Etherchannel)

Watch video (Layer 3 Etherchannel)

Etherchannel Lab

Lecture 43

Network Security

  • BPDU Guard
  • Port Security

Watch Video (BPDU Guard)

Watch Video (Port Security)

Portsecurity Lab

Lecture 44

Network Design

  • Network Design Access, Distribution & Core Layer With Tshoot

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Lecture 45


  • Dhcp Server Configuration And T-Shoot
  • IOS Disaster Recovery
  • NTP Server and Configuration
  • SYS-LOG Server Detail and Configuration
  • TFTP Server

Watch Video (IOS-Disaster-Recovery)

Watch Video (Dhcp Server Configuration)

Watch Video (NTP Server)

Watch Video (SYSLOG Server)

Watch Video (TFTP Server)


Services Slides

Lecture 46

Access Control List

  • ACL Theory
  • Standard ACL
  • Extended ACL
  • Named ACL

Watch Video (ACL Theory)

Watch Video (Standard-ACL)

Watch Video (Extended-ACL)

Watch Video (Named-ACL)

ACL Slides


Lecture 47


  • NAT Theory
  • NAT Lab
  • NAT Overload

Watch Video (part 1)

Watch Video (part 2)

Watch Video (Nat Overload)

NAT Slides


Lecture 48


  • IPSEC Basic to Advance

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Lecture 49

Network Threats and Security

  • Network Threats and Security   Part1
  • Network Security Part2

Watch Video (part 1)

Watch Video (part 2)

Lecture 50

DHCP Snooping & DAI

  • DHCP Server

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Lecture 51 QOS in detail

  • QOS theory
  • QOS-Network Transmission Quality
  • QOS-Traffic Characteristics
  • QOS-Queuing Algorithms
  • QOS-Models
  • QOS-Implementation techniques

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Lecture 52 High Availability

  • High Availability

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Lecture 53

Network T-SHOOT

  • TSHOOT -part1
  • TSHOOT -part2
  • TSHOOT Lab-Scenario

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Lecture 54


  • WAN

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Lecture 55

Wireless LAN

  • Wireless LAN

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